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Buying a work of art is also an investment and often the culmination of a long reflection, whether it is a small acquisition or the purchase of a major work from the collection. Through this announcement, I propose to accompany you in the choice and purchase of the art photography you are looking for.

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Fine art photography to embellish your collection

Fine art photography, to create a beautiful environment, is an ideal option when you are looking to give a new freshness to your art collection or if you are looking to start one; in recent years this category has taken an important boom among art lovers.

It is a photographic style created solely for its aesthetic and imaginative qualities. Fine art photographers take fine art photography to create work that goes beyond what is in front of the lens.

Art connoisseurs today enjoy displaying and comparing their fine art photography collections ; some invest in original or one-of-a-kind fine art photography that you can find in physical art galleries or online, a new niche has also opened up where collectors around the world invest in crypto art .

fine art photography

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Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography, also known as “photographic art” or “artistic photography”, is a work that is created from the artist’s vision; today many of these art creators choose photography as a means of creative expression.

When a photographer seeks to create an artistic photograph, he will start his creation process from an innovative idea, an emotion or a message that is exclusive to the creator; fine art photography is non-commercial and completely opposite to documentary photography.

Work tools for Fine Art Photography

The artist who dedicates himself to fine art photography will combine different creative and technical skills during his artistic process; for this reason, you must rely on your own thoughts and accurate vision to be successful.

A fine art photography will always seek an innovative and influential way to clearly convey original and unique ideas through the photographic camera, whether analog or digital with traditional production or editing.

Sometimes the artistic photography is modified during its processing to achieve the effect that the artist needs, this is done in a dark room or in an editing room. Traditional photography takes on important weight due to the revealing process. Some photographers opt for outdoor settings or within a style, this will depend on the concept of each session.

The process of Artistic Photography

The creation of a fine art photograph has specific characteristics that make it unique, although everyone can take a photograph, not everyone gets an artistic photograph that is part of the fine arts.

The artist must go beyond the literal or basic of a scene or a subject; To achieve a fine art photograph, constant training and practice must be taken to polish and obtain all the details that are needed.

The artists dedicated to fine art photography use elements and principles taken from other older areas of art, factors such as space, color, line, depth, texture, balance, shape and light are aspects that will always take consider.

The photographer must convey his feelings and his vision through fine art photography, it is not only about shooting the shot, but also about creating a concept or an idea that evokes emotions in each of the people who look at it and thus get them to stop to think about what they are seeing.

How to differentiate Artistic Photography from commercial

Nowadays taking a picture has become a task available to everyone; cell phone use allows even a child to take a photo, but getting an artistic photo has different aspects. Another important point is the wide range of photographic styles and their classifications; That is why we must learn to sharpen our eyesight to be able to distinguish when it comes to fine art photography.

Precisely defining what a photograph is and when it is a fine photograph is a complex task that takes time; many types of commercial photography are not considered to be part of the fine arts due to their characteristics.

Some examples that are not considered fine art photography are advertisements, news photography, passport photo, photographic evidence; personal or family photography, selfies, everyday portraits, vacation photos, school photos are also not part of the fine arts

Fine art photography is not created for commercial purposes; it is a work of art, an outlet for artistic expression that transmits emotions to everyone who looks at it; These types of works can be presented in mixed media or experimental art installations and are often bought at very high prices.

Although many amazing and high-quality photographs are created for advertising purposes, they are not considered art since fine art photography is based on the principles of art and its branches such as painting or sculpture.

We can see great works in areas such as representative photography, magazine photography, documentaries without a stage or journalistic photography, but they do not meet the parameters of an artistic photography

It is not about underestimating the work of photographers, because although it is not considered artistic photography, they exceptionally fulfill the features of other photographic genres ; For example, in photojournalism, where it is about telling a story and documenting it objectively, it is not a branch where the visions and ideas of the creator are expressed.

Collectible Fine Art Photography

fine art photography-2

The boom in photography is greater than ever, you can find artistic photography in fairs, exhibitions, auctions and digital media, but if you are just starting your path and would like to invest in this field, the wide variety of options can be overwhelming; considering from the edition and the origin is important.

Important points when buying fine art photography

  • The reputation of the photographer

Like any work of art —in many cases— the collector or buyer acquires a fine art photograph with the hope of obtaining future profits and in other situations for personal delight, that is why the image of the artist is always important.

Investigate them in detail, a fine photography creator will have records of works sold at auctions, different areas of sale. When it comes to a young photographer, these signs may not exist, but it is important to know where they have exhibited their work to learn about their experience and make a safer purchase.

Another point that will help you is the organization and presentation of your work, many artists have created web pages to show their work in fine art photography, for example, the photographer Eric Scibor-Rylski who has his website Fine Art Rylsky to share his extensive career and you can acquire great works of artistic photography

Anonymous vintage fine art photography has recently regained popularity and is considered by collectors to be a fun activity to buy; You can get it at street markets, garage sales, or online, but it’s a risky investment.

  • Art photography itself

It is important to know certain data of artistic photography to know its value and make the decision to acquire it; Investigate which series, project or period it corresponds to. It is also important to know the historical context of fine art photography and the importance it has in the photographer’s career; as well as the development and its creation process.

To get these answers, a detailed investigation of fine art photography is necessary to define if its price will be high or low; another important question is whether it is visually powerful, research and knowledge of art photography will help you to know these details.

Take the time to visit museums, galleries or exhibitions of fine art photography; of reading history books or styles of all kinds of photographs; Learn more about the artist in particular. In this way you will get a finer eye that will help you make important purchases.

  • Edition size

A fine art photograph takes on a strong value as it is an edition or the number of copies that were revealed; As long as the original negative or a digital file exists, more photographs can be obtained.

For this reason, the art world has mistrusted fine art photography in the past. The edition was created to establish the number of photos to be developed and prevent the photos from losing their value when there are more copies.

The editions were created to cultivate the rarity of fine art photography, for this reason an important rule is to avoid the largest ones. With two hundred versions of a photo, the value is likely to decrease easily, contrary to cases where the number of developed photos was less.

The edition number is located next to the name of the author of the fine art photograph, you can see figures such as 1/10 or 10/10 to distinguish the number of editions that exist and the number of the photo’s output.

  • The quality of artistic photography

To get an artistic photo of value, it is not only about the content itself, it is also necessary to review the material where it is revealed, as this will provide a higher quality and beauty. Beyond the size, know what type of paper and the process used to achieve the physical state of fine art photography; discover its quality or the unusual or rare methods used by the artist.

Make the necessary questions to know the quality of artistic photograph; In many cases of old photography, very interesting printing works have been carried out. At present, analog fine art photography is in fashion, experts and collectors have chosen to approach this type of work that is done by hand in a dark room with a more detailed process that makes each one unique.

  • Origin:

To make the purchase of a fine art photograph it is important to know as much information as possible; discover the process of revelation, the date of its creation and revealed; the edition and the old buyers and sellers.

An important fine art photography point to keep in mind is that the sooner a print is made after the photograph was originally taken, the greater its value. If it is revealed after the death of its creator, it will not have the signature and its value will drop.

The edition has been carried out since the 70s, so works prior to this date must have the necessary documentation of fine art photography and its history. This information is obtained through the auction house or dealer where you purchased it.

Other reasons to invest in fine art photography

fine art photography-3

A collection of fine art photography will improve your environment, give it the color, luxury and personality that you are looking for through art; and most importantly, buying works from artists in this branch instead of commercialized prints, means that you are directly supporting an artist and their livelihood.

Acquiring a fine art photograph directly from a photographer will give you the plus and recognition of a work that few people have; you will have an exclusive look at the artist’s work.

Artistic photography increases its popularity in the world

If we compare paintings and sculptures with fine art photography, we can distinguish a greater financial accessibility in the work of the photographer, but with the growing popularity of this niche, prices have risen more and more. If you want to start as a collector of fine art photography, this is the moment.

Totally original artistic photography

This opening of the market and its relatively young start gives us the opportunity to obtain a wide variety of original works easily through different media where the diffusion of fine art photography is more practical; Get in touch with artists and their work faster.

You will support fine art photography from real photographers, not from an art factory

The globalization of art in general has always affected artists who seek to survive through their work, large companies produce huge amounts of photographs but they contain an economic or artistic value.

Buying fine art photography is supporting a niche that sells you quality and originality in each of the works that they work on day by day; this will be an advantage to you and the quality of your art collection.

Get unique fine art photography pieces with Fine Art Rylski in different sizes that will increase the value of your collection and that you can also use as decoration for your home. Select the size of your frame and order it directly from the website; We have shipments to all the United States, Europe and Australia.

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