Artistic Photography and its current value

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Artistic photography has been increasing its value within artistic world at the same level that painting has had for centuries. Before, this form of art in images was not appreciated in the same way; however, today it occupies a pedestal in the same way as any other form of art.

Within any art collection, there should always be artistic photography made by renowned artists; because this will give the collection a greater commercial value. For this reason, in this blog we’ll tell you a little more about the value of art photography and how much it can cost you if you decide to buy it directly from the artist’s gallery.

In addition, we will tell you a little more about artistic photography and how you can select which pieces to acquire. Despite being a complex subject, as there are many types of photography, we’ll explain it to you briefly but allowing you to learn a little more about this artistic expression.

Know more about artistic Photography

Like any other type of work of art, this can be judged according to the difficulty in its execution and the concept that its creator has thought for it; it is much more than just whether the photograph looks good or is pretty. By getting to know artistic photography better, you’ll be able to better define its value and thus acquire pieces that give greater importance to your collection.

As for the formal characteristics that artistic photography such as focus, light or edition that it has, can vary from work to work; therefore, the value of a photographic work of art can be reflected in the way in which the artist manages to perfectly reflect his idea in the work and as a spectator you manage to fully identify it.

However, there are times when the artist can create artistic photographs that are completely different from his original concept, since when he sees the final result and reflects on his creation, he manages to see a new idea. With the art of photography, how you see things reflected in it is more important than how you are seeing them at the time.

As long as artistic photography has a well-developed artist sense, the piece of art you decide to buy will have a higher value that will add perfectly to your collection. The simplism of seeing a work only as something beautiful that many artists without enough experience give to their creations makes it confusing to define if a work has value.

Therefore, when purchasing artistic photographs for your art collection, do not be guided only by whether the image looks good or has nice colors; you must consider the concept that the artist has devised for it. The best pieces of art are those that have a good idea and that is clear to the viewer.

Some tips about choosing Artistic Photography

  • Choose an artist who is completely true to his line of fine art photography.
  • Buy photographic art that adds value to your collection.
  • Consolidated and world-renowned artists have works of greater value.
  • Make sure they give you a certificate of authenticity with the value of each work.
  • Check that the materials are of quality and not just a printed page.
  • Research the artist’s career before purchasing any fine art photography.
  • On the internet, it will be easier for you to find galleries or contact the artist.

Buying Artistic Photography on the internet

To acquire high-value artistic photography, perhaps the first place that comes to mind to buy it is an art gallery. Although, in them you will find incredible pieces of art, you can also go online to acquire them. You just need to check very well from which site you will be buying them.

If you buy artistic photography on the internet, the best option is to do it directly from the artist; This is because you’ll be able to have a direct deal with him and you’ll be sure that the piece you receive will be 100 percent authentic. In addition, you’ll not need any intermediary to acquire it and you can choose the format in which you want it to be made.

Another advantage of acquiring works of art directly from the artist from the internet is that you can buy them at the lowest possible price. So it will be a more profitable investment than if you did it through a gallery that also profits from fine art photography.

Therefore, buying artistic photography from the internet is also an excellent option for young art collectors who are starting their collection and who do not yet have a larger budget for more recognized works. Just make sure you don’t buy pieces from artists who don’t have enough recognition.

In addition, through the internet, it is possible to generate criticism and obtain a more objective view of the artistic photography line that the photographer has. Likewise, it is possible to review the complete market and the artist’s career; In this way you will ensure that the work you are buying will add greater value to your art collection.

Fine Art Rylski : Artistic Photography cost

Eric Scibor-Rylski is a French photographer based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, internationally recognized for his works of artistic photography. From his online gallery you can acquire some of the most important pieces he has produced throughout his career. To acquire his works at a better cost, the best option is through his website.

The value of their works is defined according to the size you want the photograph you purchase to have. Each of them are limited editions; the larger the format, the fewer artistic photographs that are made and sold. Therefore, when purchasing a photograph from their site, you will receive a certificate of authenticity that will give it a higher value.

The sizes, cost and editions created for each artistic photograph are as follows:

  • If the size is 12×18 in, the cost will be 250 USD; but, it will be an open edition.
  • If the size is 20×30 in, the cost will be 495 USD and only 25 pieces will be made.
  • If the size is 24×36 in, the cost will be 695 USD and only 10 pieces will be made.
  • If the size is 30×45 in, the cost will be 1095 USD and only 7 pieces will be made.
  • If the size is 40×60 in, the cost will be 1,295 USD and only 5 pieces will be made.

These are not printed fine art photos, but quality artistic photographic paper is used and they are properly processed to increase their commercial value. If you want to know more about the artist or want to purchase any work from his gallery, you can contact him directly from his website on the contact page.


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