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If you have no idea of how to decorate a room, you can use artistic photos to transform a bored and blank space into an amazing wall, because using it is a creative and sensitive way to change all the corners around you. 

Did you know that artistic photos have a lot of lovers in show business as well as in everyday life? How about if you try it?

Artistic photos are those that can convey and express feelings through the unique point of view of the camera.

Fine art photography

Since the beginning, artistic photography has been related to surrealism and subjectivity. In the editing and digital manipulation of this type of photography, they follow the aesthetic lines that come from “painting”.

But the difference between artistic photos and painting is that. While the painting brings color to the room, the artistic photos are usually used in black and white or sepia tones.

Still, I can say that if you decide to have artistic photos you can have an amazing piece of art in your walls.

There are a lot of types of artistic photos like photos in Black and white, of people or just simple objects, adopting fine art photography in the wall are the particular way to transmit your identity and at the same time give a new touch of art  to any space for your home or your office

How to decorate with artistic photos?

artistic photos

Decide what you gonna put on your new wall is usually complicated, it’s easy overthink and make your head a disaster, so check this list about the different types of “Artistic Photos”.

  • Minimalist artistic photos: The aesthetic is closed and cold, they are specific and objective.
  • Artistic photos of everyday life: How his name says it takes as a reference the day to day, as an example, the places through you walk every day.
  • Artistic photos of portraits or self portraits:Using digital retouching  the photo can get a touch of fantasy or artistic. Though faces can capture and express the characteristics of each person.
  • Artistic photos of objects: Everyday objects can become a piece of art thanks to the camera’s point of view.
  • Artistic photos of Macro-Photography: Allows to amplify tiny objects like a little flower.
  • Artistic photos of intimate life: They represent the domestic and intimate life from a subjective point of view.
  • Artistic photos of boudoir: Elegance predominates despite few clothes or lingerie, the boudoir tries just to insinuate more than showing all the body, so predominates sensuality.
  • Artistic photos of history: The historic memories continue to be reconstructed and represented.
  • Artistic photos of narrative:Through an image a story is told.
  • Surreal artistic photos: Unreal and fantasy worlds are formed, representing the mind and emotions.

Now you know the types of artistic photos, so you may have a lot of ideas and a lot of questions like how would you organize the photos on the wall or how would you create spaces for your new gallery wall? I can help you.

Art gallery on your wall

Transforming a wall into a gallery has benefits like versatility, and can be implemented in any corner.

The use of fine art photography in decoration is usually associated with the contemporary style, photos in large interiors, minimalist spaces or in decorations, and only for the ranges of colors in black and white.

Although these are actually the most common decorations, artistic photos in decoration can be used in multiple ways, thanks to the technological advances in photographic retouching you can hang artistic photos with effects or with different filters on your walls.

This artistic discipline can fit into any space, even if artistic photos seem that no one has an order, from the “cuatorial point of view”(create stories through the selection and relationship of objects and concepts that orbit around you).

It seems that your artistic photos always make sense, if you put the objects or frames in the right way, chaos can be welcomed, because it will give a personal touch to any type of corner.

Actually, an interesting way to decorate with artistic photos, is to combine modern photography with a very classic interior, or use filters or effects that turn photography into almost a painting and to give your walls a unique and avant-garde touch.

What is a gallery wall?

artistic photos

Gallery walls are a simple and low cost way to decorate our spaces, which consists of covering a part or a whole wall as a gallery with a sequence of images that are going to be together in a harmonious way.

The goal of the gallery wall is that through artistic photos arouses feelings in the person who observes them.

Although it sounds simple, sometimes it can give us headaches and to achieve that great result I want to help you by giving you some tips.

Some useful tips to use your artistic photos:

Decorating rooms can seem difficult, however, the decoration is a great ally of the organization because it manages to harmonize a space and at the same time makes it look modern.

  • For a minimalist touch you can place artistic photos of the same size horizontally, this will give the feeling of you can choose the sizes of printed works: sizes of the printed works
  • Think about your wall color and choose a color palette.
  • Try to make the spaces between each artistic photo photo the same, as well as the color of the frames.
  • For that it doesn’t look saturated, leaves a considerable space between the wall and the roof, I recommend between 15 to 20 cm of space.
  • Let Your Favorite Pieces Shine larger pieces visually attract more and are therefore more protagonists. Then start by placing the larger artistic photos first.
  • If you prefer to combine textures and styles, add wall accessories such as shelves, plants or ornaments of different sizes.
  • If you like to change the spaces regularly I recommend placing the artistic photos on a shelf or using adhesive fastening systems.
  • Don’t forget the lighting in relation to the artistic photos you choose.because they can obstruct the line of sight of the photo.
  • Try to think outside the box and exploit your creativity.

The art of decorating walls:

Despite all the tips, remember that there are no rules from decorating with artistic photos, just exploit your preferences of everything that you like.

This is a personal and subjective job, and that is why there are so many ways to do it, just choose the artistic photographs that go according to your personality.

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Remember with the artistic photos all the places that you want can make it really yours.

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