Conceptual photography as an artistic expression

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Conceptual photography is an artistic expression that represents a story or an idea. One of the first photographs to create such a scene was Hippolyte Bayard ‘s renowned work , Self-Portrait of a Drowned Man, from 1840; From that moment on, the first signs of the work of photographers who carried out this type of proposal are known.

It was until 1960 that the term “conceptual photography” was used to define the first explorations of video art and conceptual art; this concept refers to any use of photography as part of the Conceptual Art movement.

What is Conceptual Photography?

Conceptual photography ‘s primary objective is to express a vision through the lens of the camera, it is commonly related to conceptual art, since both branches maintain that the idea is the basis of the creative process; On many occasions, the photographer chooses to stage the thoughts or the subject that he wants to portray.

Conceptual Photography: A little history

Richard Long and Dennis Oppenheim began their experimentation in conceptual photography when they recorded their performances and temporary artwork in a way that is now known as deadpan. His purpose was to make simple and realistic images that would document his work of art.

In other cases, photographers have taken to conceptual photography as a means of staging an idea. A clear example is advertising, where the campaign concept is directly transmitted through actors or products.

Artists like Cindy Sherman, John Hilliard and Broomberg and Chanarin they have managed to expand what we know as conceptual photography; for them, it is an experimental proposal that takes elements of documentation or a staging to give it a new interpretation.

Technology has also modified conceptual photography because with the creation of photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, they give the possibility of creating an image that is not the direct representation of what was happening in front of the lens.

Conceptual photography as an investment

In 1920, artists like Man Ray and Brâncuşi developed their artistic ideas from photography; From 1930 to 1960 photojournalism had a wide boom, but with the sole purpose of publishing, as with fashion photography, which was never considered for sale and exhibition as is now the case with conceptual photography.

In the last 40 years this has changed, conceptual photography is represented in many areas -not only in art- and has taken on a transcendent weight in historical narratives such as painting or sculpture.

People feel more comfortable with conceptual photography . We are very used to digesting images now through smartphones; there is a new proximity and familiarity”, explains Richard Estes, American artist dedicated to photorealism.

Estes comments that there are more and more buyers of conceptual photography, since it is easier to understand a photo than a painting; he believes that people quickly fall in love with an image and come to understand it as a natural movement of collecting.

Guide to investing in conceptual photography

Conceptual photography is an accessible way of approaching the fine arts, it offers you a wide variety of formats and prices that could be considered endless; Therefore, we give you a series of tips to know the purchase of this type of art:

Initial budget

conceptual photography

The amazing conceptual photography is a relatively new market where a range of buying opportunities exist for those just starting out on their investor journey. You can get amazing art for your home with an accessible cost and great value, like the photographs created by Rylski in different sizes.

Richard Estes, an expert in conceptual photography, explains that this may change over time as the market continues to grow and many conceptual photography buyers find themselves priced out of the contemporary.

To own conceptual photography and art is more than just decoration for a room in your house, it’s a potential investment and involvement in arts. That’s why this could be a starting point for you if you want to expand the value of your home or your collection.

The photographer Estes comments that his data shows that those who start with the investment in this branch, later immerse themselves and build their collections in other categories such as painting or sculpture.

Whitney Hintz , curator of the Hiscox Art Collection , explains that a third of the gallery’s pieces are conceptual photography which is hugely accessible and, as it relates to everyday life, people can relate to it. more effectively.

How to know the conceptual photography market

Each photographer operates differently and that is why it is important to know the conceptual photography market, to know who moves it and how they develop within it; Estes advises taking an element of responsibility from shoppers and learning to be aware of what they’re looking at.

Within my base, I try to be accessible and transparent in order to effectively promote the conceptual photography that you’ll find in my online gallery differently from the contemporary market.

You can know more about my style of conceptual photography just by looking all of my collections and the description behind them. Without anyone’s help, you can get the best art for your home collection that increases his value. If you have more questions about the work that I’ve done you can ask me from my home page.

I had conceptual art presentations in the most important artistically venues in Mexico and some of the most relevant across the world. To buy one of my conceptual photographs means getting an art piece shown in the most recognizable city’s.

Who should you buy from conceptual photography

Knowing the biggest names in conceptual photography is important, Richard Estes recommends starting in the secondary market which focuses on buying and selling previously owned works.

Eric Scibor-Rylski has stood out with his conceptual photography in several exhibitions that develop different questions and facets of the artist’s life; his works range from the minimalist to the complex, with the intervention of himself and a process of simplicity portrayed with his lens to show an oneiric and ironic perspective in an original way that makes us feel like a dream.

With multiple exhibitions of conceptual photography in different countries such as Mexico, the United States, Chile, Singapore, France and Malaysia; Rylski sticks to concept art to deliver a selection of photography ideal for starting your collection.

Run run el nagual se fue pa’l norte , is one of his conceptual photography proposals where he manages to portray life and death, absence and permanence from another point of view; migration and disappearances are themes that he deepens and proclaims based on the concept that the Nagual transmits to us: our being in pursuit of his freedom and the traces he leaves in his walk.

Richard Estes recommends that if you are interested in discovering conceptual photography, you get in touch as soon as possible because everything is changing rapidly, “let’s take fashion photography as an example, which 15 years ago people made fun of, now it is considered a way of art and there is a great demand”.

Points to take into account

For Richard Estes there is no established pattern and each photographer works in a different way, “Some work in digital, others in analog; its production can be by hand-made silver printing or by ink injection; some can edit their work, some can’t.”

With a conceptual photograph, Estes recommends always looking for the signature or seal to validate its authenticity , even with all these details, experts consider that there is nothing secret or difficult to discover, which is good because it will not take long to discover if it is original. or not.

There are other cases of conceptual photography in which photographers produce totally unique prints, for example, Hintz tells about the artist named Matthew Brandt , his works are unique due to the process of developing the images.

What care does my collection need?

“If you are going to spend a lot of money on a photograph, you will also have to spend it on a frame”, is something that Richard Estes explains to us about the care that your conceptual photography needs.

You must keep your conceptual photography in good condition and take care of it as they do in a gallery or auction house; Estes tells us that photography is a fascinating medium that people love to hang in their offices or homes.

It is advisable to take it to an expert to help you place a frame that efficiently takes care of conceptual photography, for this reason an anti-UV glass will always be recommended as an excellent solution to keep your work in good condition.

Photographer Richard Estes believes that the best way to choose a conceptual photograph is to know what you feel comfortable living with, as markets will continue to change and prices will rise, but if you have a work you love, you will get the best photograph.

Order from the Fine Art Rylski official site the conceptual photography of the recognized photographer Eric Scibor-Rylski. We send to the United States, Europe and Australia, ask us now about how you can get it. Make a better collection with all the unique artistic pieces that you’ll find in the online gallery.


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