Photographic Art, its characteristics and how to buy it

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Photographic art is an excellent form of investment that you can take advantage of if you consider yourself a true art collector. However, it is important that you know what to look for when buying, from the artist to the format that the piece should have; obviously without forgetting that the image is to your complete liking and from an important collection.

If you have decided to include pieces of photographic art in your collection, in this blog we will tell you a little more about its characteristics. In addition, we will give you a guide on how you can acquire these pieces to incorporate them into the rest of the art pieces you have.

This form of contemporary art is one of the most accessible and that you can obtain in different formats and from the photographic art gallery that we have online you can see some of the pieces created by the photographer Eirc Scibor-Rylski . Order the size you consider appropriate and receive a unique piece of art at your doorstep.

Know more about Photographic Art

When we talk about photographic art, it is possible to say that it is when photography has a concept and a discourse is created that goes beyond what the images used by the press or used in marketing can present. The coherence it has with the discourse is an important piece, while allowing the viewer to give it their own interpretation in the same way as any other art.

Since the mid-20th century, photographic art has been used as an artistic way of expressing in the same way as painting, sculpture, or music. The photography artists seek to capture their concept and idea in an image and thus fully materialize their vision, emotions or a particular topic of interest.

Unlike other types of photography such as marketing or fashion photography, aesthetics is not always a primary part of creating photographic art. However, the concept must be what stands out from it and shows a powerful discourse and, at the same time, a unique beauty such as any kind of art.

In short, we can say that one way to assess photographic art is to check that it meets two important requirements: that it maintains its own concept and that it is carried out properly. This last point has to do with the technical capabilities of the photographer to develop it properly.

What is Photographic Art and what makes it different?


In a nutshell, photographic art is a form of artistic expression that is realized through photographs. However, it is vital that this is differentiated from the different types of photography that exist, even with fine art photography, which, despite being very similar, have points that can be contrasted.

Photographic art considers a lot the approach, composition, light and reason of the work; unlike fine art photography, which, on many occasions, is edited to reflect as much as possible the concept that the artist seeks to represent. At the end of the day, in both forms of expression, the artist’s vision and his ineffable creation technique prevail.

Now when talking about photographic art versus other types of photography; the difference lies in the discourse that these images have. This applies to photography made by the press and photography intended for advertising or marketing of a particular product. Likewise, the objective of each of them is different and it is important that they can be identified.

Art photography seeks to present its own concept; while news photography seeks to inform the viewer about some particular event. The same goes for images created for advertising campaigns; the intention of these is completely commercial and not as it happens with an expression such as photographic art .

Photographic Art as an investment

As you read at the beginning of this blog, photographic art is also a form of investment and here we will tell you how you can incorporate pieces by artists into your own collection. It is important to remember that you do not need to visit an art gallery to get these artistic pieces, you can use the internet to find them and have them delivered to your doorstep.


Get Photographic Art Online

You will not always find photographic art exhibitions in your city, even though it is one of the most common forms of artistic expression today. Above all, that you get it from recognized artists of which it is convenient to invest; therefore, it is important that you do a proper review before purchasing any piece that they want to sell you as art.

In the following points, we will give you a guide on how you can acquire photographic art from an online gallery and thus invest in worthwhile pieces. Best of all, it’s not too different from how you’d spend your money on other items on sites like Amazon or eBay; the difference is that here you would be making a real investment.

  • Know the artist

The first and most important thing is that you get to know the artist and the path he has had throughout his career as a photographer. If you have held exhibitions in different parts of the world or if you have been recognized by important institutions for the work you have done since you started in the world of photographic art .

In the About Me section of this page, you will be able to learn a little more about Eric Scibor-Rylski’s style of photographic art, his artistic work and the exhibitions he has held in Mexico, France, the United States and many other countries around the world. world. Its reputation makes it an excellent option to acquire beautiful pieces that will increase its value .

  • Choose the piece you want

Now what you have to do is select the piece of photographic art that you want to include in your collection ; whether you go for a particular theme or it has captivated you from the first moment you saw it. Review the gallery in detail, the artist’s technique and any other details that you consider pertinent and can include in your collection.

In the Gallery section, you will be able to appreciate the different series of photographic art work that Eric Scibor-Rylski has made and that are most relevant. Within each one of them you will be able to appreciate all the photographs that he has taken and the technique that he implemented to create them and provide an impressive image.

  • Choose the size of the photo

The format is a very important piece, since in many cases these are subject to limited editions, which greatly increases the value of the piece . Most of the time, larger photographic works of art are of greater value, since they require more materials and work to be able to make them.

From the Fine Art Rylski site , you can choose the size of the selected photograph and from this same page request it directly from the artist. Also, there you will be able to know how limited each of the sizes is and how it increases in value. Similarly, the work you choose will have its certificate of authenticity to support its price.

In the end, all you have to do is select the Eric Scibor-Rylski photo art piece, the size you want the work to be, and send a message requesting it. Think of it like the shopping cart of any other online store, the difference is that you will be investing in a high value piece of art.

Eric Scibor-Rylski is a French photographer based in San Miguel de Allende Mexico where he has his own studio. The works he makes are photographic art and has been recognized for decades for his artistic work. Enter the gallery now and choose the work of art you want to incorporate into your collection.


Photographic Art: characteristics and how to buy it | Fine Art Rylski


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