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In the world of fine art photography, you are offered the chance to become a collector of photographic works.

Conceptual fine art in color or black and white is now accessible, it is possible to buy contemporary photography, to have original and artistic photographic works.

Art is more present than ever, so it has invaded personal interiors and not only museums. Nature as well as the great questions of humanity are present in art and are shown in different forms; conceptual, abstract or simply with a contemporary artistic language.

Currently, it is more accessible than ever. Contemporary art is for sale, and it is directly with the creators and in your private or workspace.

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Eric Scibor-Rylski

Paris, France

The work of photographer Eric Scibor-Rylski is born from the perception of the world and the reality that surrounds it. Photography allows him to reveal dreamlike and ironic visions in an original way, as in a dream.

Eric Scibor-Rylski’s works are surprising for their subject matter, but above all for the way he makes it visible and readable.
Some enigmatic characters come to graft themselves, to mix, to juxtapose, to let themselves be seen in sometimes supernatural landscapes.

The demanding eye of the photographer disturbs, overwhelms, and awakens our perception.

Between dream and reality, Eric Scibor-Rylski plays with us and asks us with a tender irony about what we are looking at.

Christophe Cochart, 2009 – NT Gallerie | Alternatif-art| Paris| France.





When I started to work, to do an immersion in my Genesis series, I discovered that the very structure of this notion of paradise arose spontaneously.

My memory was always liquid and was always formed around a beach, the meeting of the physical universe with the liquid element. When my mind realized that it could be observed, it materialized with the desire to be present. At first the presence was solid, it disguised itself as a rock, then it wanted to come alive, breathe, slide over matter, I became organic, vegetal. When I wanted to embrace this creation I had to become mobile, move on this surface, swim, because you couldn’t immediately leave the liquid element of memory, then crawl, touch the plant, run, jump and embrace the sky.

When at last I was the observer of this world, the paradise, and that only says that it is to give form, I saw that this liquid dream was a reservoir of water. An organic form of memory.

Run run el nagual se fue pa’l norte


In times of migrations, disappearances, the ghosts of the human being wander through inhospitable places and underlying I tell the presence of a magical world, the accompaniment of naguals, living between the place of the dead and the living.

This work opens a window to the incorporeal; On the other hand, I invite you to take a walk alongside, in search of a second reality, not an imaginary one.

Absence is a form of an oxymoron, it is a line in constant evolution, it is the objectivity of existence and the subjectivity of experience going through it, it is the past and the present, death, and life.

It is everything that is discovered there, but also everything that is still hidden there. In short, it opens like a wound under the scrutiny of a blind sun.

This writing of the dream migration is caused here by a pictorial tension, and we suppose that it was sought almost constantly in this absents, whom I want to designate symbolically as actors of the narrative of the work and not simple models.

The nagual is our essence, our being in pursuit of his freedom, and the traces he leaves in his walk, are the cultural traces of ancient blood.

We descend from the North, and we will return to the North.

In the shadows of the night, we’ll stand


In the shadows of the night, we’ll stand

And in this blue, our inner color, uncertain, but dominant. Incarnated by him, dreams collapse, in their blue lives, longings.

And in this blue, our inner peace can be death, but decisive. Incarnated by him, the soul becomes empty, in its colorful memories, disturbance.

And in this blue, our loves, uncertain, but bewitching. Incarnated by him, desires are frozen, in their endless melancholy, joy.

And we?

What was my name, blue shade of yours?

Diluted in water, in powder, in foam, in a piece of glass, in a skin cut, in the flight of the goalkeeper, in the steel sun, in the bittersweet death of your tears.

So happy, reading, epiphanic commas and dots in the joy of not being, only blue as a memory of not being.

Sector O


The term sector refers to the sectioned or cut part of a whole. The word sector is a cultism that comes from the Latin sector, sectors. But this word properly meant in Latin “the one who cuts, cutter”, and also cutthroat, murderer or executioner, as well as the buyer of confiscated goods. It passed into Spanish with the value of subdivision that cuts a whole, and then also a limited or “cut” part of a whole.

Looking for the reconstruction of memory, taking as root and scoop the paragraph of my entry. Taking memory out of oblivion, perhaps we are surprised to find composite landscapes. Emotions must resurface and bring together a series of elements, objects, bodies, and faces in an attempt to tell us the origin of the emotion that built a story. We only understand that last image as a staging of our inner emotional landscape.

To exist… what allows us to say that we exist? I seek in this project to unify the sectorization of oblivion, of memory.

Punta Cometa 15º 39 minutos


“All reality is perceived as a fragment, says Ortega, which makes, we add, that everything real is in something else; that the fragment of reality does not wander or is detached, but only when it stands out for its absolute character. Even more so, in this case, that absolute appears in connection. The connection is simply to hover over the rest of perceived reality, to be like an update of the background, of this background in which reality seems to rest supporting it.” María Zambrano (Dreams and time).

Latitude 15º 39 minutes in the longitude of my dream, in the territory of the dream, and on the map of the Earth. In pursuit of María Zambrano’s approaches, to achieving the integration of sleep and wakefulness, I can clarify this promised path with a visual discourse. Latitude 15º 39 minutes from this land called Punta Cometa, the immemorial legend, the collective memory, the strange encounter of sea currents with the southernmost tip of all of Mexico, an ancient and mysterious place of worship of death and birth. An energy that resembles the shape of a loop in figure eight, the strange events of dreams appearing throughout the day. Dreams are invaded by labyrinths and paths. The unstoppable dialogue of all the elements of wakefulness, due to the urgency of telling stories dreamily led me to walk in Punta Cometa, latitude 15º 39 minutes in the form of 15 photographic series, or to give way to the philosophical proposal that “the law of consciousness is visibility” says María Zambrano (Dreams and time).

“With the history that the typical dreams of the psyche consist of, the resonance of the emotion remains, which, having no history to sustain itself, tends to adhere to what happens during wakefulness and color it with its tone.” María Zambrano (Dreams and time).

The 15 series within the general theme dialogue with each other, pursue each other, meet each other, consume each other and feed on a hidden meaning. Each series has its own title based on the length of the dream, in many measurement systems, a length is a fundamental unit, from which others are derived. Here the unit is the dream that interferes with the latitude of Punta Cometa.

“And every simple dream has to be, if possible, fragmented, decomposed as action, because the action appears naked in the naked image, it has to be fragmented in the image that is the only thing accessible.” María Zambrano (Dreams and time).

It’s no man’s land! Walking we got here, the grandparents left their dead, then some made us believe that there was a fort, no! It was not a fort, it was a temple, it was for the observers of the birth of the world. 10/16/11. This date led me to the project, through and through a dream, The End of the World Observers is one of the internal titles, there is an internal dialogue between painted stones and stones that traced a line, between the walker and the ruins of a past future.

“The dream is a magical journey in which the traveler is both imprisoned and wandering, captive; a journey into captivity; chained if he goes in the company because he goes in not wanted company, or in a tight company that does not leave him the necessary emptiness to stay afloat. That he is lost if he goes alone, that he achieves his loneliness in exchange for wandering. Alienation or suffocation, and sometimes both, in the supreme ambiguity of dreams, because the wandering I can displace this that is like its envelope, like the prisoner that drags its cave with it”. María Zambrano (Dreams and time).

The machetero, the sea, Aurelio’s house has a crooked horizon, a window that allows you to see the world turn at 30º. Won’t it be 15 degrees 39 minutes? There is an alphabet of angels in the found objects, they continue to question the walker. Another series imbricated in the visual discourse.

“And, paradoxically, this last passing seems to be; this passing, not of an event that unfolds, but rather that which is united, passes. Pure passing, pure transit is the true event of these dreams, this unattainable passing that seems to also be a promise”. María Zambrano (Dreams and time).

Thus, in the construction/deconstruction of the dream, I am ultimately led to explore and pursue the root of the dream itself, translating its reality into a floating eye. I built geography of the dream, 15 latitudes or narrative lines in length that cross the attention of the dreaming being.

The series of Punta Cometa 15º 39 minutes is sold in a single format 12 x 18 inches | 30 x 45 centimeters, except “Punta Cometa 15° 39 minutos | Los espectadores del fin del mundo | 1 and 6 valid for all formats.


Selected Finalist

MMXX Image Encounter “New Documentalisms” at the UAQ
Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico – 2020

Selected Finalist

VII National Biennial, Visual Arts Yucatan
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico – 2015

Selected Finalist

XVI Biennial of Photography, 2014
Mexico City, Mexico – 2014


By the National System of Art Creators, FONCA.
Issue 2012-2014. Mexico City, Mexico – 2011

Selected Finalist

XIV Biennial of Photography, 2010. Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico – 2010

First Place

Inter-American Development Bank Cultural Center Award
Washington, USA – 2010

Honorable Mention

Banamex Award, “The Mexico of Mexicans I”
Mexico City, Mexico – 2009

Selected Finalist

Mexico Contemporary Photography Award, 2017
Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico – 2017


Banamex Award, “The Mexico of the Mexicans II”
Mexico City, Mexico – 2015

Selected finalist

2012 Mexico Contemporary Photography Award
Hermosillo, Coahuila, Mexico – 2012


In the World Bank Art Program for the Exhibition Program El Cambio 2011
Washington, USA – 2011

Selected Finalist

KL Photoawards, Top 10 Finalists in Series Category
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 2010

First Place

Mirondella Photography Award
Paris, France – 2009

Sizes of printed works

Buying a fine art photography

The photographs for sale on my gallery are generally available in 5 formats, ranging from the presentation format 20x30cm equivalent to an A4 sheet to the collection formats 100x150cm and 100x100cm for square formats. Of course, the larger the format of the chosen image, the higher the sale price, the printing costs being directly linked to the size of the image. Selecting the right format will therefore depend on where you want to hang your photograph and the budget you want to dedicate to your purchase.
I invite you to browse all my selections of fine art photos classified by orientations and image sizes, an ideal section to make a thoughtful purchase of your future fine art photography.

The limited edition art photographs of my gallery are available in 3 main types of printing: photo paper printing, printing, and collage on aluminum support, printing, and inclusion on Plexiglas support.

Very logically, the more work is published in a few copies, the rarer it is and the higher its purchase price. The edition of the photograph is therefore an important criterion that must be considered if one wishes to buy a limited edition art photo. In addition, if you want to buy a photograph in order to see its price change later, it is better to orient yourself towards photographs with exclusive limitations and less than 10 copies for example.

Artwork classifications:




The edition run has ended; the number of works produced is known and included in the listing.


The edition run is ongoing. New works are still being produced, which may be numbered. This includes made-to-order works.


The edition run has ended; it is unclear how many works were produced.

The images are printed on premium Fine Art photographic paper with the latest generation of pigment ink technology, complying with the highest archival and quality standards.


Gallery Tips

Over the past 10 years, the art market and that of art photography, in particular, has multiplied by 5.

Choosing multiple photographs from the same collection is the perfect way to dress a large space cohesively and stand out!

For the purchase of your art photography, I invite you to browse my photographic series, a fun way to discover all my artistic reflection and to be inspired and guided for a favorite purchase!

A simple way to make the right choice is to opt for a particular color from the outset: yellow, red, or blue … depending on your interior, the color of your walls, and the atmosphere. You are looking for.

The colors red or orange are, for example, colors with which we associate the symbolism of the element of fire, so they will warm up your atmosphere. On the contrary, blue, gray, or purple are elegant colors that will cool the atmosphere of your living spaces.

I invite you to browse my selections by color through this section of art photographs published in limited series, an ideal section if you want to make a choice based on the colorful relationships of your interior!



Medium: Photography
Condition: Perfect
Signature: Hand-signed by artist
Frame: Not included

Printed on premium fine art photographic paper

Quality of cotton paper used for prints: Hahnemühle, Kronaline, Ilford.

Inches       Centimeters            USD

12 x 18 |   30.00 x 45.00             250                   Open edition

20 x 30 |   50.80 x 76.20             495                   Limited edition of  25

24 x 36 |   60.96 x 91.44             695                   Limited edition of  10

30 x 45 |   76.20 x 114.3          1,095                   Limited edition of    7

40 x 60 | 101.60 x 152.4          1,295                   Limited edition of    5

Each print carries the Fine Art Rylski Seal and ships with is Certificate of

For information about payment methods. Shipping or any other question. Please contact me directly via: or leave me a message below:

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