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When I started to work, to do an immersion in my Genesis series, I discovered that the very structure of this notion of paradise arose spontaneously.

My memory was always liquid and was always formed around a beach, the meeting of the physical universe with the liquid element. When my mind realized that it could be observed, it materialized with the desire to be present. At first the presence was solid, it disguised itself as a rock, then it wanted to come alive, breathe, slide over matter, I became organic, vegetal. When I wanted to embrace this creation I had to become mobile, move on this surface, swim, because you couldn’t immediately leave the liquid element of memory, then crawl, touch the plant, run, jump and embrace the sky.

When at last I was the observer of this world, the paradise, and that only says that it is to give form, I saw that this liquid dream was a reservoir of water. An organic form of memory.

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