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The term sector refers to the sectioned or cut part of a whole. The word sector is a cultism that comes from the Latin sector, sectors. But this word properly meant in Latin “the one who cuts, cutter”, and also cutthroat, murderer or executioner, as well as the buyer of confiscated goods. It passed into Spanish with the value of subdivision that cuts a whole, and then also a limited or “cut” part of a whole.


Looking for the reconstruction of memory, taking as root and scoop the paragraph of my entry, taking memory out of oblivion, perhaps we are surprised to find composite landscapes, emotions must resurface and bring together a series of elements, objects, bodies and faces in an attempt to tell us the origin of the emotion that built a story. We only understand that last image as a staging of our inner emotional landscape.


To exist… what allows us to say that we exist? I seek in this project to unify the sectorization of oblivion, of memory.

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