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Sizes of printed works

Buying a fine art photography


The photographs for sale on my gallery are generally available in 5 formats, ranging from the presentation format 20x30cm equivalent to an A4 sheet to the collection formats 100x150cm and 100x100cm for square formats. Of course, the larger the format of the chosen image, the higher the sale price, the printing costs being directly linked to the size of the image. Selecting the right format will therefore depend on where you want to hang your photograph and the budget you want to dedicate to your purchase.
I invite you to browse all my selections of fine art photos classified by orientations and image sizes, an ideal section to make a thoughtful purchase of your future fine art photography.

The limited edition art photographs of my gallery are available in 3 main types of printing: photo paper printing, printing, and collage on aluminum support, printing, and inclusion on Plexiglas support.

Very logically, the more work is published in a few copies, the rarer it is and the higher its purchase price. The edition of the photograph is therefore an important criterion that must be considered if one wishes to buy a limited edition art photo. In addition, if you want to buy a photograph in order to see its price change later, it is better to orient yourself towards photographs with exclusive limitations and less than 10 copies for example.

Artwork classifications:




The edition run has ended; the number of works produced is known and included in the listing.


The edition run is ongoing. New works are still being produced, which may be numbered. This includes made-to-order works.


The edition run has ended; it is unclear how many works were produced.

The images are printed on premium Fine Art photographic paper with the latest generation of pigment ink technology, complying with the highest archival and quality standards.

Gallery Tips

Over the past 10 years, the art market and that of art photography, in particular, has multiplied by 5.

Choosing multiple photographs from the same collection is the perfect way to dress a large space cohesively and stand out!

For the purchase of your art photography, I invite you to browse my photographic series, a fun way to discover all my artistic reflection and to be inspired and guided for a favorite purchase!

A simple way to make the right choice is to opt for a particular color from the outset: yellow, red, or blue … depending on your interior, the color of your walls, and the atmosphere. You are looking for.

The colors red or orange are, for example, colors with which we associate the symbolism of the element of fire, so they will warm up your atmosphere. On the contrary, blue, gray, or purple are elegant colors that will cool the atmosphere of your living spaces.

I invite you to browse my selections by color through this section of art photographs published in limited series, an ideal section if you want to make a choice based on the colorful relationships of your interior!



Medium: Photography
Condition: Perfect
Signature: Hand-signed by artist
Frame: Not included

Printed on premium fine art photographic paper

Quality of cotton paper used for prints: Hahnemühle, Kronaline, Ilford.

Inches       Centimeters            USD

12 x 18 |   30.00 x 45.00             295                   Open edition

20 x 30 |   50.80 x 76.20             595                   Limited edition of  25

24 x 36 |   60.96 x 91.44             825                   Limited edition of  10

30 x 45 |   76.20 x 114.3          1,285                   Limited edition of    7

40 x 60 | 101.60 x 152.4          1,595                   Limited edition of    5

Each print carries the Fine Art Rylski Seal and ships with is Certificate of

For information about payment methods. Shipping or any other question. Please contact me directly via: ericrylski@gmail.com or leave me a message below:

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